MUC-OFF Workshop Apron

MUC-OFF Workshop Apron
MUC-OFF Workshop Apron

MUC-OFF Workshop Apron




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Are you tired of getting covered in grease, oil and road grime when you’re tuning up your bike? We are too. That’s why we created the world’s finest workshop apron.

The Muc-Off Workshop Apron has straps and buttons for adjustable size and length that keep you from getting tangled and perfectly sized pockets that make sure your hands are always free when you need them.

This Workshop Apron is a vital piece of kit for any lover of bikes. Now you can keep your tools, phone and gummy bears at close reach while protecting your clothes from the evils of bike grime! Not only is the Muc-Off Workshop Apron incredibly practical, but its rubberised logos and black design make sure you look good out there.

This apron isn’t just a must-have tool for the workshop; it’s pretty handy at BBQ's too!

  • Protects clothes from grease and grime
  • Buttons for adjustable length
  • Straps for adjustable size
  • Rubberised logos and black design
  • Keep tools etc on hand with its convenient pockets