BERK Dila Padded 160MM

BERK Dila Padded 160MM

BERK Dila Padded 160MM




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Berk Dila Padded is narrow version of Berk Dila. This version of Dila saddle is for those who has leaner pelvis. The main mission of Berk Dila Narrow is still for regular rod bike use. However, it can be easily used for Time Trial and triathlon.

We achieved wide variety of use with the widen shape and shorter nose of the saddle. It’s feather light and because it’s fully made out carbon fibre it fully absorbs vibrations from the road. From triathlon, TT or long rides the Dila will feel very smooth and therefore your position on the bike won’t collapse.

Padded version means that it has some padding for those who needs some extra cushion for less vibration and extra comfort.

Product Specifications:
  • Weight: 110g
  • Widest part of the saddle 140mm
  • Riders max weight: 100kg
  • Rails: Oval 7x9mm