GELU Selim K3

GELU Selim K3
GELU Selim K3
GELU Selim K3

GELU Selim K3


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Weighing between 38g and 59g, the K Series saddles are Gelu Carbon Creation's most popular saddles.
Small, compact and very flat. This makes the K-Series saddles the most versatile in the Gelu range, as their shape allows them to fit many sit bones. The central opening has been specially designed to ensure that no pressure is exerted on the prostate region. Not only is the K-3 the lightest saddle (38g), it is also considered by many athletes to be one of the most comfortable.

With the K-3, the Portuguese have what is probably the lightest saddle in the world. Despite its 38g weight, the saddle is approved for riders up to 80 kg. The area of intended use is limited to racing bikes, leisure bikes and city bikes. The saddle is not approved for use on MTBs.

Technical specifications:
  • Area of intended use: road bike, city bike
  • Material saddle shell: carbon prepreg
  • Frame material: carbon prepreg
  • Length: 242mm
  • Width: 122mm
  • Height: 27 mm (lower edge of frame/upper edge of shell, middle of saddle)
  • Strut diameter: 6 x 7 mm (oval)
  • Saddle frame adjustment range: approx. 55 mm
  • Maximum driver weight: 80 kg (driver + clothing + luggage)
  • Finish: matte
  • Colour: 3K carbon