BERK PLOH Saddle 138MM

BERK PLOH Saddle 138MM
BERK PLOH Saddle 138MM
BERK PLOH Saddle 138MM

BERK PLOH Saddle 138MM


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The saddle starts to get wider relatively far in front (V-shape design) and offers good support for riders with a wider pelvis. The top of the saddle slopes very little (flat-flat design) and thus distributes the seat pressure evenly between the buttocks and pubic bone, which significantly increases seating comfort over long distances. In addition, the recess in the middle of the saddle reduces pressure on the perineal area. At the same time, the blanket flexes noticeably to generate additional comfort. So that you can remain stable in your sitting position, the saddle is covered with a synthetic leather cover. Even with the cover on, the cover weighs only 86 grams. This is made possible by the highly resilient carbon and aramid fibers that are used in the saddlecloth and saddle frame. Thanks to its short shape, the Ploh is also ideal for use on gravel bikes and MTBs.

Technical specifications:
Area of intended use : road bike, gravel, MTB
Saddle shell: carbon
Frame: carbon
Saddle cover: faux leather
Length: 250mm
Width: 138mm
Height: 42 mm (lower edge of frame/upper edge of shell)
Strut diameter: oval 7x9 mm
Saddle frame adjustment range: 70 mm
maximum driver weight: 100 kg (incl. clothing and possibly luggage)
Max. permissible tightening torque: 5 Nm
Finish: leather, matte
Color: Black